One of the orphans from the Haewiss Orphanage. She and her brother were the only two that didn't die in the fire. She is the sister of Finnick Ebonheart, though she doesn't seem to share his desire for revenge.

The two of them grew up in the Haewiss Orphanage outside of Brickwire, along with a handful of other orphaned children. The children regarded themselves as family.

During the fire, Finnick managed to pull Alicia into the basement. They ended up surviving, but trapped for days. Finnick began carving out a seal in the floor in his own blood and talking to himself. Then, their family arrived and dug them out.

The family became the seeds of the Silent Brotherhood, and sometimes they were happy. But Alicia eventually fled from Finnick's madness and growing cruelty. She found out everything she could about the creature inhabiting her brother, but could never afford an expedition to find the last pieces.

She settled amongst the free peoples of the Aqela region, caring for the orphans in a rebuilt Haewiss Orphanage.


Alicia was hiding from her brother in an orphanage in the northern parts of Lamire, protected by the Free Peoples of the Aqela region. She is currently in Torel, hidden in the Bard college.

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