• Everyone beds down in Mattis' home
  • Thallia insists on taking the couch in the front room
    • Silk stays with her
  • Mid-way through the night, there is a visitor - one of the hags - who Thallia sees beneath the tree outside
  • The visitor dispels Silk, popping him back into his demiplane
  • Thallia goes outside because she's never seen a horror movie
  • The hag teleports her back to their witch hut and make her the same offer they made earlier
  • Thallia agrees to the unknown terms
  • The hag makes a witch's brew and uses it to grant Thallia a vision
    • She sees a man sitting in front of a strange instrument, with an illusion of a dark-haired Thallia sitting beside him.
    • She sees the coastline in Sedna where she needs to go
  • The hag teleports her back to Mattis' home
  • The next morning, people are Not Happy With Thallia

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