16 - 301:13:50

16 - 3

  • The girls decide to fly Air Puddles out to the home of the swamp hags
    • The girls fly out to the hut and find bodies and body parts festooning the trees the closer they get
    • They enter the hut to be greeted by two forms shrouded in cloaks
      • One speaks, but the other doesn't
      • The door also swings shut behind them
      • The walls are lined with jars of body parts
    • The Hags know what they're here for
      • They also know Salem is missing
      • They very much want favors in exchange for knowledge
        • Puddles and Aurellia shut them down on trading services or anything to be determined later
        • Thallia's more open to the trade
        • They trade the golden blood lotus leaf for the Illithid brains
        • The girls then GTFO.
  • Salem stays with Mattis and learn a potion of his choosing
    • He offers a list of different potions
    • His goal is to brew every potion in his life, and he's close
      • He picks Invicibility and spends the next day learning how to brew
      • They are expensive. 1500gp in components.
  • The girls return to Mattis' home
    • They hand Mattis his desired brains
    • Puddles immediately passes out, after flying all day

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