Born Cadel Stathis, and the seventh son of his mother. (The clan traces lineage matriarchally since proving a father is somewhat harder than proving a mother.) His father was a member of the clan leader's war council and each of his sons were excellent warriors. Cadel's path was somewhat more ... studied than his brothers, most of whom slid into a bloodthirsty rage when they waded into the thick of battle. Cadel directed the flow of the battle.

He eventually set off to fortune and adventure and took up with other adventurers. That crossed paths with a fae-touched warlock, a sneaky rogue, a monk, and a bard. During their career, he married the warlock and took on her surname and a noble title. Their first daughter was taken along on many adventures she probably shouldn't have been anywhere near. It wasn't until they decided to try for another child some years later ... maybe a boy this time ... and ended up with both a boy and a second girl that the pair largely settled down into Greyspire Manor.

Cadel presumably died five years ago. His remains weren't recovered, and scrying never turned up a location. He went to help Anson Osret, an old friend and ally from the adventuring days. No one that went in came back out. Some remains showed up from other members of the party.


He would love to place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folks. Money and manners won't save you from the dire wolves. He's a pragmatist, has a deep sense of honor and justice, and he's too blunt for political maneuvering. He prefers to be arm-candy for Ceridwen and watch the room, conferring with her later. Cadel is not bookish, but he plays two instruments and speaks Common, Elvish, Giant, Dwarvish, Undercommon, and Draconic.


Discovered in the lair of a True Lich, trapped in a cocoon and being drained of life. His body was recovered and placed in Aurellia's Bag of Holding.