The Greyspire estate is largely isolated by a massive forest, a swamp of terrors, and a rocky coast. It's a lovely place as long as you mind your manners and your steps. The forest is notoriously filled with fey. Never follow the beckoning lights, ride the friendly horse, or take the shiny thing that's "lost". It's not lost, it's bait. If you hear chanting, run until you're out of earshot.

There is a small harbor near the manor house, used occasionally for visitors, and a road the forest mostly claims as its own. Most travel in and out is by teleportation sigil because that is less likely to get you killed or enchanted.

The lands have been ruled by the Greyspire family for untold generations and no one's entirely sure if they are fey-touched because of the lands or if the lands are fey-touched because of them.

Notable People

  • Ceridwen Greyspire. Countess Greyspire. The mother thing. Warlock of an Archfey.
  • Isylia Greyspire. Future Countess Greyspire. Eldritch knight. Kicker of asses.
  • Arden Greyspire. Monk of the Open Hand. Does not think things through. Married way up.
  • Serena Greyspire. Wife of Arden. Formerly a succubus of the Nine Hells. Now a fae something-or-other.
  • Trukwin. cousin/nephew.
  • Bringdhire. Satyr topiary brought to life by Puddles.