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The Story So Far ...

Getting things started

The College of Vasimar [Month 1 Begins]


The Assassin of Roses

Welcome to Terramire

The Silent Brotherhood

  • Minds on Fire
  • Hira Ashmore
  • Lainer's Lair
  • Black Ops on the edge of the city
  • The Temple of Erathis
  • Aftermath

Greyspire Manor [Month 2 Begins]

  • The Journey through the woods
  • The Farseer
  • The Wedding

Tidying up in Eastel

  • We see the ship!
  • We hire a crazy captain and tell him to find a crew
  • We talk to Sora... okay Aurellia freaks him out and Salem talks to him

The Underdark

  • Aurellia and Thallia create the Death's Whisper
  • Salem and Puddles hang out with Mattis
  • Journey to the abandoned mining camp
  • Tangling with hill giants
  • Piercers and an Umberhulk
  • Finding a Fomorian and some new allies
  • A night with Gricks


  • We meet Kriegwar
  • We meet River
  • We head to the lair of the shadow dragon

Mordenkainen's Tomb

  • So many puzzles
  • Mordenkainen himself
  • Fight with Malice
  • "Hello, My Friends!"
  • Run from the glacier beast!

Home to Eastel

  • Mourning with Iron Fury
  • War conference in our pretty ship
  • Sleeping arrangements are not optimal
  • We accidentally out Vasquel to Emrys

Yemeris [Month 3 Begins]

  • Windwalking to Yemeris
  • Getting into the city
  • Meeting the Liberators
  • Spying and eavesdropping on the Silent Brotherhood
  • Distraction time!
  • Fight with Thook and Vareth
  • Formally meeting Finnick

The Scavenger Hunt of Doom

  • Yemeris
  • Terramire
  • Brickwire
  • West Beach Palms

Updates in Terramire

  • Aurellia goes to update Emrys
  • Puddles goes to the Hags

The Phoenix Temple

  • We go back to Yemeris
  • We head further south to the Safehouse
  • We meet Korrin
  • There's an awful fight
  • Frenter Kordin brings Puddles back with Wish

The Aqela Region [Month 4 Begins]

  • Fight with bizarro Salem and Puddles
  • We meet Alicia Ebonheart and find out more about Finnick
  • We spend the night with the Free Peoples of Aqela

The Cult of Pandemonium

  • We head north to the Cult's stronghold
  • We find the cult
  • We fight our way through the cult
  • Questions answered
  • Pandemonium Winds

Questioning the Infernal

  • Meeting
  • Meeting Silas


  • Lysen at the Lyseum
  • High King Garrat Toreldon
  • Preparations for the Morrow

Mount Elisar

  • Lysen's squad
  • Voresqua
  • Into the mouth of hell
  • Flight over the forces of the Silent Brotherhood
  • Silence over lava
  • The last of the Silent Brotherhood
  • Finnick and the devil Ezras


  • Aurellia starts finishing the Gaze spell
  • The Royal Wedding
    • Iron Fury returns to Eastel

Sterrick [Month 5 begins]

  • Salem's Parents
  • The Bloodmaw Coliseum


  • Mechanus
  • Sigil
  • The Sunset Isles
  • Dealing with Devils

On to Sedna

  • Brief stop in Eastel
  • Word of Recall
  • Rhene's Village
  • Fen Garovar
    • Dark Secrets

Watery Depths

  • The Heart of Sedna
  • Wasser
  • Clandestine Meetings
  • Thessius
  • The Grime
  • Va'rook
  • Enter Paladine
  • Library Brawl
  • Party Crashers [3 weeks into Month 5]
  • Shadowy Cabal
  • Resurrection and Revelation

Return to Torel

  • The Temple of Sylvanus
  • Gaining Paladine's favor
  • Corruption's Curse on King Eudes

The Heart of the Forest

  • Helping the Grungs!
  • The big tree

Visiting the Parents [Month 6 Begins]

  • The Housesitter
  • Checking on Crego (well, we tried)
    • We find Yuan-ti and lose Puddles
    • Welp, back to Sterrick

Lich Hunt

  • Speaking with the Headmaster about Theryn Greyspire
  • Researching Crowback Keep
  • The Humming Death
  • Shoots and Ladders
  • Theryn Greyspire
  • The True Lich


  • The cocoons
    • Finding Count Greyspire
  • Found a spider!

War Council of Vasimar

Latest activity

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