• Emrys is waiting for them in his private garden, and raises stones for them to walk out to the island in the center of the koi pond
  • Aurellia teases him that he's showing off
  • Salem and Puddles talk to the fish and perform a water ballet in the background, set to Kiss the Girl.
  • Aurellia attempts to ignore them and find out what Emrys wants, but it goes badly.
    • Aurellia finally gives her friends what they're pushing for, pulls Emrys into a kiss, and then flees.
  • Aurellia slips upstairs to Emrys' study later and apologizes for ... everything. Just all the things.
    • He explains he wants them to look into a new criminal organization that is setting up shop in Eastel
    • He's trying not to garner any official attention to the information, which is why he's asking for her help
      • Aurellia points out they are not subtle. At all.
      • Also he's sending his betrothed to investigate something he doesn't want tied to him. Logic problems, he has them.
      • She agrees to bring it to the others and decides to read in his office while he does paperwork.
        • She falls alseep in the office, and wakes the next morning to find someone has tucked a blanket around her.

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