• Puddles and Salem run into Thallia's room to wake her up. They're going to the harbor!
    • They also run into Aurellia's room, and don't notice she's not there.
  • Aurellia wanders down eventually and asks Thallia where the other two went.
  • Thallia and Aurellia head down to the harbor to see if they can find them.
  • Puddles and Salem investigate in the subtlest way possible
    • The Harbormaster - an ancient dwarf - ends up firing a cannon at them
    • Salem and Puddles cheese it and go for a swim in the harbor
  • Aurellia and Thallia make their way down to the Harbor
    • They enquire of the Harbormaster about any ships going to a place called Sedna.
      • A ship is going to Sedna and leaving in about two weeks.
      • That's way too soon.

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