• Find out more about the hobgoblins
    • Sent off to take out a scouting party and bring back a prisoner
    • killed everyone but one person and brought him back
    • Dead Hobgoblin's Message: Gork’s squad was wiped out. Scout out and surprise attack in the week to come. Signed: Tenek/Ferocity
  • Introduced to Iron Fury
  • Spent the evening drinking with Iron Fury
    • Salem steals Aurellia's fancy alcohol, gets smashed, and wanders off for parts unknown
    • Thallia has to deal with the drunk Puddles and the sleepy-drunk Aurellia
    • Vigath has everyone else corralled.
  • Head out the next morning with Iron Fury to deal with the larger contingent of enemies that are threatening the college.
    • There's about 30 of them
    • They have a base camp about half a day south
    • Ogres, trollls, and mercs
  • We deal with them
    • Thallia dies
    • Vigath freaks out a bit, and rolls a Nat 20 to bring her back
      • Rhene offers a jewel
      • Aurellia offers a white dragon's claw
      • Salem offers a white dragon's scale dipped in the blood of her enemies (Thrym likes this)
  • Return to Vasimar
    • And the college is in ruins
    • Gro'nuk is dead
    • We decide to go to Eastel
      • Aurellia's not thrilled about this
      • She tells them about Emrys right before teleporting away.

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