Exploring the city

  • We meet Ramune and find Vigath has left Thallia a present.
  • We go to The Hidden Hides to have Aurellia's dire wolf pelt turned into a dire wolf cloak.
    • She gives her name, and the store owner tries to give her money back
    • She doesn't let him, and arranges to pick the cloak up later that day
  • We go to the Sunken Chest
  • We return to The Hidden Hides to retrieve the new Dire Wolf cloak
    • The store owner insults Puddles mother?
    • Puddles decides to Pied Piper of Hamlin the Hidden Hides, and sends a swarm of vermin into the store
  • We go to the Adventurer's Guild, looking for contracts/sources of fire elemental dust
    • We take a job to clear out a small "shack" north of Eastel
    • Apparently, some security measures got set off, and now the enchanter can't get back into his house.
      • It has some elementals that got loose
      • Some undead in the basement
      • And a golem upstairs